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“The Rainbow Centre has become my second home. I spend more time here than I do at my apartment! It’s just a great place to hang out, watch movies, surf the net and engage in some deep (and sometimes ridiculously silly) conversations. The friends I’ve made here are so many levels of awesome."

Jen Hart





"The Rainbow Centre is more than just a room on the first floor of Mac House, it is a space. A space where inclusively is not just a term but an atmosphere: Of the few places on campus where I fell really safe, the Rainbow Centre is by far my favourite. So anytime you are on campus and you feel like dropping by, come on over.”

Waleed Hafeez


"What I love the most about the Rainbow Centre is the combination of inclusiveness and the amount of fun that is had all the time.  It would be very hard to replicate the centre’s community and feel. Everyone loves it, because it’s one of a kind; it’s ours, and those who run it, volunteer and use then centre are truly fantastic.  As a volunteer, I have seen how committed we all are and what a difference we can make on campus through what the centre offers.  I enjoy my involvement so much, because I know that every little bit counts.  When I am at the Rainbow Centre, I feel so welcomed, and I know that I am safe.  Having a place on campus that possesses these features is extremely important, and we should all be very thankful for its accessibility to all who use it and need it, and also for those who embrace it as a family.  I know I am :)"

Matt Kirkpatrick


 “Volunteering for the Rainbow Centre is more than just another social outlet. It’s a place where you can go to feel safe, and more importantly it’s a place where you have a voice. Between volunteer hours in the Centre, weekly discussion groups, social events and all the awareness campaigns, the Rainbow Centre volunteer experience is a great combination of meeting all kinds of diverse and interesting people while working to make Laurier a safer, more accepting environment for everyone.”

Michael Wright


"The very existence of the Rainbow Centre is a huge step forward for Laurier. With the hard work of the coordinators, as well as the help from the volunteers, it is providing an invaluable service for the students. The Rainbow Centre is constantly striving to become a safe, welcoming space on campus and with such a solid foundation; it can only get better from here."

Jackie Lynne


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