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Note-taking forms


ALC students requesting notes and potential volunteer note-takers can apply through Laurier’s MyLearningSpace.

Registration is easy! Follow this link:

1.    Sign into your MyLearningSpace account

2.    Click on the Self Registration tab at the top of your MyLS homepage

3.    Select the ALC Note-taking course

4.    Enter the required information

5.    You will receive a generic confirmation email from the ALC

6.    Note-takers: if you are matched, you will be granted access to the course folders so you can upload notes (we thank you!)

7.    ALC students: you will be granted access to the course folders you have registered for so you can download notes as they are available

Please note: Every effort will be made to secure a volunteer note-taker for every request. Unfortunately note-taking is not a guaranteed academic accommodation and relies on the ability to recruit a volunteer.

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